Permanent Candidates

We are aware that recruiting top talent can be a costly and time-consuming process. Using a specialist recruitment agency to identify and attract permanent candidates can relieve a huge amount of pressure and ensure your business is represented in the most positive light.

Before we start the recruitment process with you, a meeting is required and this is vital to ensure we understand the details of the role, can gauge the office culture and fully understand the experience required. At Oriel Partners we would never work with a company without this initial briefing meeting as otherwise, we cannot ensure our shortlist is targeting the very best candidates for that specific role, and every client is different with varying expectations. This is also a good opportunity for the consultants to answer questions and advise you on salary expectations, the interview process, bonuses and anything else which may help to make the role and package more attractive to candidates. The recruitment interview is a two-way process and just as the client needs to be impressed with the candidate, the candidate also needs to be impressed with the client, and good candidates have choices.

Once the details of the role have been clarified, we can represent you as the client in the best light and shortlist only the most relevant candidates for the job. At Oriel Partners, our initial shortlist usually only consists of four candidates, so we cherry-pick the best options for you. Therefore, the more information we have, the more confident we can be of who to send. We see ourselves as doing the first round of interview, so the process is already underway which saves you time. If we are putting forward too many candidates, it defeats the object of using a permanent recruitment agency in the first place.

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Recruitment Process

At Oriel Partners, all candidates undergo a rigorous screening process before being introduced to any client. This includes screening CVs, a telephone call followed by a face-to-face interview with a consultant. This involves competency-based questioning to ascertain exactly the level, volume and pace the candidate is used to handling.

As well as speaking to our current active candidates, all permanent roles are advertised generically on the most relevant job board, to ensure we are promoting your active vacancy to the market. We want to ensure you don't miss potential candidates. Not only this, but we have close ties with relevant business schools and secretarial courses, which produce candidates with the PA and administrative skills for an office support role.

In addition to our wide range of active permanent candidates available, we also have a strong passive candidate base. These are candidates who may not actively be looking, but could be open to hearing about a role, should it be perfect for them. Candidates often come back to us again and again as their career progresses and they know we have a good understanding of their expectations and ‘fit’. We then get to know the candidates very well and become their go-to, not only for recruitment advice but also for career advice acting as a partnership or mentor relationship. We love seeing candidates at the start of their career and then ten years later when they are high flying EAs.

As part of the search for a permanent candidate, your consultant at Oriel Partners will set up all of the interview stages, take feedback and communicate this to both parties. They will also liaise over salary negotiations and manage the candidates’ resignation (and counter offers) and generally ensure the process is as smooth as possible. The consultant should continue to remain a good point of contact for both client and candidate as the probation period progresses to ensure a smooth settling in period. Having a representative who can manage this on your behalf ensures you end up with the candidate you want and the process is managed as easily and as quickly as possible.

Oriel Partners supply candidates to many leading businesses hiring across London, from global multinationals to small boutique firms. We have built a reputation for providing an exceptional recruitment service.

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