Temporary Candidates

At Oriel Partners we are experienced at providing candidates to assist on a short term temporary and contract basis. We pride ourselves on ensuring the calibre of temporary candidates is the same as our permanent placements and as such the search is equally as detailed. We wouldn’t just send anyone as it is a short-term booking, instead, we are aware that interim cover needs to be equally able to perform the role to a high standard, with minimal training and be the right culture fit.

As with all permanent candidates, all temporary candidates will also undergo a rigorous screening process before being introduced to any client. This involves screening CVs, a telephone call, followed by a face-to-face interview with an experienced consultant. This includes competency-based questioning to ascertain exactly the level, volume and pace the candidate is used to handling.

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Temporary Recruitment

Our central location allows us to work quickly and often this includes sourcing temporary PA or administrative support who are needed at short notice. This can be to cover sickness, holidays, or purely the time between one employee leaving and another one joining. The advantage of temporary support is that they can fill a gap and handover from one candidate to the next with minimal disruption to the client or office. We are aware of how important it is to source the right person for the job. A temporary PA or administrative assistant will not have the luxury of time to learn the role and systems, so it is vital they are competent and have the right attitude and experience to do the role.

There is also the option of having a Virtual Assistant, known as a VA, to provide temporary support. With the advances of technology and with people often travelling, there is no need to necessarily have your Assistant sitting in an office with you and a VA will usually work from their home. Communication channels are so easy, you can still provide clear instructions or arrange a weekly face to face catch up. This cuts down on overheads in the office, and also means that the VA can bill you purely for the hours they have worked. If you are concerned you may not have the capacity for a full-time assistant, this can be an effective use of funds. It may also show you the level of support you require – most people need more than they first imagine. Once you realise the benefits of having a personal assistant, you will wonder what you did without that support!

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