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You must have a temporary work contract if you're hiring temporary employees. Employment contracts are necessary to set specific standards for your business and ensure you and your employee clearly understand what each party expects and what will occur in a dispute.

Temporary employment agreements provide security and protection for employees and businesses, defining the employment agreement and set terms. To assist you in devising your temporary employment contract, we’re going to discuss what temporary contracts should contain and provide a temp contract template to help you get started.

What Is A Temporary Employment Contract?

Temporary employment contracts are legally binding agreements between employers and employees. You can use a fixed-term employment contract where you state fixed start and end dates. Alternative to fixed-term contracts, you can use a temporary contract set over a specific time period but can be extended. For example, you may consider your temporary hire to become a permanent employee if they perform exceptionally well in their job role.

How To Write A Temporary Employment Contract

You should use an employment contract once you’ve sent a temporary employment agreement letter with a formal job offer. Here, we’ll reveal what a contract should include and provide a free employment contract template for you to take inspiration from.

Terms of Appointment

The first thing your temporary employment contract should define is the terms of appointment. This will lay out the initial start and end date and potentially explain that you can extend the contract if both parties agree.

Conditions of Offer

Are there any conditions of employment associated with the offer? The temporary position could be subject to satisfactory references, the right to work in the UK or confirmation of academic achievements.

Information About Both Parties

Information about both parties should be stated, including employment location, full name and address of the employee, national insurance number, contact details and next of kin.

Hours of Work

Whether the role is part-time or full time, the number of work time hours an employee works needs to be disclosed. This should be the exact hours, not including any overtime hours an employee worked.


A contract should clearly define the role and responsibilities of the employee. This could also include any staff members responsible for the temporary employee.

Dress Code

If you have a specific dress code within your business, you should state this. For example, many companies have a ‘no jeans’ policy.

Pay Rate

The salary should be mentioned, including any holiday or sick pay that the employee may be entitled to.

Termination of Position

If you feel that a project may be completed before the end of the contract date, you can add this under a termination clause in the contract. This can also include information on instances when you may terminate the employee’s agreement, such as unacceptable behaviour.


What are your procedures for staff absences? This could contain pay information, deductions, authorisation etc.

Data Protection

Having a data protection clause in your contracts shows employees that you are GDPR compliant when handling their data.

Performance and Conduct

This can be mentioned in this section if you’re offering performance bonuses. You can also include a code of conduct, what happens should an employee be sanctioned or if the employee’s performance is not considered acceptable.


The temporary work contract requires signatures by both parties, the date signed and printed names.

Temporary Work Contract Template

You can use this short term employment contract sample to influence your temporary contract template pdf. Remember to ask for legal advice with your contract template to ensure it’s a legally binding document.

This temporary employment contract is between the employer __ of __ and the employee __ of __. Under the general terms of the temporary contract, both parties agree that this is not a permanent contract of employment. The employee will be considered a temporary employee of the company from __ to ___. Any additional overtime will be paid at the standard rate of __ and is not to be construed as a permanent relationship.

The employee will be paid a salary of £__ for the temporary period of employment and will work the hours of __ to __ on days __ to __.

The employee will follow the company code of conduct and maintain the highest standards of professionalism regarding company policies. In an absence due to sickness, please refer to document ___.

The employee will be required to follow the company dress code during working hours. The responsibilities and duties of the employee include ___ and __. If the employee decides to terminate this contract, they will only be paid for the hours of work completed. Should the employee have violated company policies, they will be subject to disciplinary action, including potential termination of employment.

By signing this contract, both parties agree to the terms and conditions. Furthermore, the employee agrees to perform the duties set out in the agreement.

Signed _____ Printed Name __ Date __

Signed__ (on behalf of company ____) Printed Name_____ Date __

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