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With over 30 years of experience, Oriel Partners are experts in PA recruitment. Here, you can get access to some of the best and most exclusive celebrity personal assistant jobs in and around London today. Our specialist Senior Consultants will find out about your ultimate career goals and aspirations. They will help find the best celebrity PA job that is the most suitable for you and in line with your future so that you are placed on the perfect path to your dreams.


Here you will find the most common frequently asked questions about celebrity PA jobs. For more information about how to become a celebrity PA, feel free to get in touch.

What is a celebrity PA?

A celebrity PA caters to the celebrity (whether that is a famous actor or a best selling author) and does many tasks including being an administrative assistant, event planner, friend and employee of the celebrity. They handle confidential matters, schedule events and travel arrangements, plan appearances and take care of the celebrity’s personal things like bills and social media profiles.

What is the average salary of a celebrity PA?

The average salary of a celebrity PA varies depending on the type of celebrity, their social status and the candidate’s previous experience. Salary estimates are between £45,000 - and £80,000 but in some cases, celebrity personal assistants can earn up to six figures.

What is the work environment of a celebrity PA?

It is typically a fast paced role with hectic and unpredictable schedules. As you are managing your celebrity, a celebrity PA often works long hours, meeting strict and last-minute demands. It can also be very entertaining, having opportunities to meet and network with high profile individuals in the entertainment industry and attend glamorous events such as award ceremonies in New York City or Los Angeles.

What are the required skills of a celebrity PA?

As an executive assistant, a celebrity PA must be flexible and able to adapt to last-minute changes. They have to be practical and able to multitask as the role involves doing a mixture of things including event planning. They must work well under pressure, be sociable and have good customer service skills, have high stamina and resilience and the ability to work long and unsociable hours. If you see yourself working as a celebrity personal assistant, get in touch with us.

Looking To Hire Celebrity PA?

Oriel Partners understands the need for discretion when recruiting Celebrity PAs for their clients, protecting their privacy through each part of the recruitment process. Our candidates go through stringent screening, testing and references checks and we are happy to put additional processes in place should you require them. We will put forward a shortlist of candidates, carefully handpicked by our experienced team who are well connected and have access to an extensive network of candidates. IF you are looking for a Celebrity PA to accompany you we will find you the perfect person.

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