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Temping offers the perfect solution for fitting work around other commitments, filling employment gaps while job hunting or simply exploring new paths. We specialise in providing talented candidates like you with short-term, temporary and contract roles across a range of creative and corporate clients in London.

Working as a temp allows you to:

  • Gain valuable experience in different industries and positions
  • Enjoy flexibility to suit your lifestyle or availability
  • Potentially secure a permanent role after impressing on assignment
  • Bypass the traditional interview process for a seamless hiring journey
  • Start earning money quickly

Our experienced team has an excellent track record of matching candidates with rewarding temporary placements. We connect you with opportunities to expand your skillset, professional network and career horizons.

If you're seeking more flexibility, a career change or a chance to get your foot in the door, temping could be the ideal option. Browse our current temporary jobs in London below.


Please find below some of the common questions we get asked about temping. If you would like any further information, please get in touch with us directly.

What is temping?

Temping, or temporary employment, refers to short-term work assignments where you are hired through a recruitment agency for a defined period. As a temp worker, you'll be on the agency's payroll and paid hourly for the work you complete for their client companies.

Is temping right for me?

Absolutely! Temping is an excellent option for candidates at any career stage looking to:

  • Gain practical experience across different industries and roles
  • Explore new paths or transition into a new field
  • Maintain an active work profile between permanent roles
  • Earn supplemental income alongside other commitments

We have an array of exciting temp opportunities in roles such as reception, team support, personal or executive assistance and more.

What notice period is required for temp roles?

We ask all our temporary workers to provide at least one week's notice before ending an assignment to allow enough time to plan a proper transition.

How do I get started with temporary work?

Simply email a copy of your updated CV to Our team will review your background and skills, and if you're a good fit for our temp opportunities, we'll arrange a video call or in-person meeting to complete candidate registration.

Is there a fee to register for temp jobs?

No, registering and working with Oriel Partners for temporary positions is completely free for candidates.

How are temporary members of staff paid?

We pay our temps on a per-hour rate, which is paid on a weekly basis in arrears. We will provide you with a time sheet which you complete at the end of each week you work, get it approved by your line manager and then return to us so we know the hours you have worked and can process to payroll

What is a temp to perm contract?

A temp to perm contract is essentially a permanent role but starting on a temporary basis. This is usually for a short period of time so that both parties can assess if the hire is the right one long term. Often the interview process for a temp to perm role is shorter then when hiring for a straight perm role, so it can be a quick way to secure a new role and allow you to test it out before you commit long term!

How many hours does a temp employee work?

You will be told before any temp assignment the core hours you will be required to work, but sometimes as with any role, flexibility is required. Generally, the temp will work the same office hours as other permanent members of staff in the business although sometimes a temp is needed to cover a specific time period. Before taking any assignment you will be provided with as many details as possible to ensure you are happy and can commit to the booking.

Can I temp while looking for a permanent position?

Yes, of course. Our temporary and permanent recruitment teams work closely together. If you're temping through us while searching for a long-term role, just keep us updated on your job hunt progress so we can manage your temporary assignments accordingly.

How quickly can I expect temporary job offers?

There's no set timeframe, as job seek duration depends on factors like the roles you're targeting, your background, current market demands and more. Our team works diligently to identify great-fit temp opportunities for qualified candidates.

How can I increase my chances of temp job offers?

Maintain open communication with your recruiter about your current situation and availability. Make sure to regularly update us on any changes to your work status or submit an updated CV. This allows us to promptly identify suitable temp roles aligned with your latest goals and preferences.

What makes a good temp?

Being able to pick up new skills and systems quickly is key to being a temp as you are thrown into different companies and roles and need to be able to hit the ground running. Also being reliable and flexible is so important as often temp requests come in at the last minute.

Looking To Hire A Temporary Employee?

If you are Looking To Hire a temp, we would love to help and can usually find you someone very quickly if it is a last-minute requirement, never compromising on skill set and culture fit. Please click here to find out more about our service and what makes Oriel Partners different.

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