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A career in HR is both rewarding and challenging. An HR assistant role is the typical entry level to becoming an HR professional and allows you to gain generalist HR experience. As such the HR Assistant role is key to allowing you to develop your knowledge within all HR aspects of the business and will have a strong influence on your long-term HR goals. · At Oriel Partners we partner with our clients’ HR teams and assist them with finding their junior HR talent. Our HR Assistant jobs in London cover all industry sectors including both corporate and creative environments as well as family offices.


Key questions candidates ask us about starting a career in HR. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch.

What is the career progression for an HR Assistant?

The career progression for an HR Assistant is an exciting one with many fabulous opportunities. Within smaller businesses the HR Assistant role tends to be more generalist covering all aspects of HR and you will be part of a small team if not the sole HR professional. Typically you will progress up to an HR Manager / HR Business Partner or even an HR Director depending on the size of the organisation. Larger businesses tend to have more specialised HR teams giving you the opportunity to develop within a specific HR discipline such as Learning and Development, Employee Relations, Benefits and Rewards, Engagement, Recruitment or Organisational Development. Common levels of progression from an HR Assistant are to HR Advisor, Senior HR Advisor, HR Manager or HR Business Partner, Senior HR Business Partner up to HR Director. Please note that titles and salaries will differ between organisations.

What is the average salary of an HR Assistant?

The salary of an HR Assistant in London does vary according to industry sector and experience. Usually the salary will be in the region of £24,000 - £30,000. Although starting salaries can be low the earning potential for an HR professional at the height of their career can be substantial.

What are the skills needed to be an HR Assistant?

The skills needed to be an HR Assistant will depend upon the needs of the client. Some companies will have an experienced HR team and therefore the level of experience and qualifications might be minimal, even a college leaver with the right attitude who they can train. Smaller companies with no or little HR structure might insist on a CIPD qualification with some proven HR work experience. Softer skills are extremely valuable at this level which include strong attention to detail, discretion, excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with others.

Looking To Hire An HR Assitant?

Oriel Partners is well equipped to find the right HR talent for your HR Assistant roles. Auria Heanley, one of our Founders, has a specialised HR recruitment background and our senior consultants have all had successful experience of recruiting HR Assistant type roles. We have an extensive candidate pool and an impressive network to work with so please click on our client page for more information.

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