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What Makes A Great CV

A CV needs to be easy to read and understand. Keep it concise, relevant and to a maximum of two A4 pages. Less is more and we advise to keep the format simple, using a traditional font i.e. Arial, size 10-11 and in black. Do explain all gaps in employment and make sure all dates are correct and do not embellish the truth. An experienced interviewer will easily be able to spot any discrepancies. Make sure the format is consistent all the way through and double-check there are no spelling and grammatical errors, you will be surprised how many typos even the most professional PAs and Executive Assistants forget to correct. Check out our CV templates below for inspiration.

What Makes A Great Job Description

How to Write An Appealing CV

When you are looking for your perfect PA or Executive Assistant role your CV must provide an accurate and professional description of your education, work experience and skill set. There are many different formats for a CV but a successful one which will catch an employer’s eye is essential when looking for the first or next step of your PA career. A good structure for your CV is key and can be added to as your PA career progresses. Ideally, a CV should summarise your PA work history and include your most recent or current role first.

How to Write An Exciting Job Description

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