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A receptionist is the first point of contact for a business, so is a hugely important role and one which we have a lot of experience recruiting for. Whether you are at the start of your career looking for your first junior reception job or you are a head receptionist with lots of previous experience, we work on vacancies at all levels and would love to help.


Here are the commonly asked questions we get about being a receptionist in London.

What is the average salary of a junior receptionist?

AA junior receptionist salary tends to start at £20,000 - £25,000 depending on the level of previous experience required. It can also vary depending on the industry; we often find that the professional services sectors pay slightly higher than the creative sectors.

Can you work from home as a receptionist?

Not usually no. As a large part of a receptionist role is to meet and greet guests and be the first point of contact, it is usually a requirement of the role to be office based.

What is the career path of a receptionist?

Some candidates do a reception role at the start of their career and then progress away from this, often into other PA or administrative roles, whereas some candidates stay on reception for their career and end up as Head Receptionists, managing large teams and ensuring the smooth running of the front of house operation.

Does a receptionist in London get paid more than other areas?

The salaries in London do tend to be slightly higher than in other areas of the country, but it must be taken into consideration the higher cost of living and travel in London also.

What do most companies look for when hiring a receptionist?

It is imperative that you are positive, polished and professional as a receptionist. Being the initial point of contact means you are providing the first impression and therefore it is important to make everyone feel welcomed and looked after. A good telephone manner is also key.

What are the best things about being a receptionist?

As a receptionist you get exposure to people at all levels across the business, and everyone will get to know who you are too! No two days are the same and if you like a job where there is a lot of interaction with people, this could be for you.

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If you are Looking To Hire a receptionist, we would love to help and have an active database of candidates if you need to fill your vacancy quickly. Our experienced team can advise on how best to promote your vacancy to attract the very best talent and will ensure you receive a personalised and tailored service. Please click here to find our more information on how we can help.

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