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The requirement for Virtual Assistant jobs in London has risen substantially over the last few years. Oriel Partners has recognised the need for work from home PAs and has put together an experienced team of recruitment experts to successfully place Virtual Assistants within the market place. Our Virtual Assistant jobs are specifically tailored to suit this style of remote working and we offer a wide range of Virtual Assistant jobs including PA, EA and Team Assistant roles on a permanent and part-time basis. These VAs offer a full secretarial support service to the client in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Key questions candidates ask us about Virtual Assistant roles. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch.

What technical tools do I need to become a Virtual Assistant?

If you have the right experience and skill set setting yourself up as a remote PA shouldn’t be difficult. You will need the necessary technical equipment such as a laptop, Microsoft Office Suite and work phone enabling you to stay connected and you will receive company training where necessary and a helpline for any technical issues. Make sure you have apps such as Zoom set up for video conferencing which will enable face to face contact.

What skills do I need to become a Virtual Assistant?

You will be expected to have some previous experience of working in a similar type role, such as an EA, PA or Team Assistant either remotely or office based. Have strong organisational skills, be self-motivated with excellent attention to detail and the ability to prioritise and multitask. The ability to look after more than one client can also be key to this role.

How do I keep myself motivated and connected to my team as a Virtual Assistant PA?

Make sure you have your daily objectives set out clearly. Putting in time scales for certain tasks can help keep you focussed and having access to shared calendars in your group will keep you aware of what is going on outside your home office. Try to video conference as much as possible for face to face interaction and use an instant message app for a quick way of communicating.

Does a Virtual Assistant get paid less than a PA?

Salaries for Virtual Assistants vary enormously depending on experience, skill set and levels of responsibility. The salaries are still competitive to equivalent inhouse PA roles, especially when you consider you no longer have the extra cost of travel, work clothes and your work lunches.

Looking To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Oriel Partners have a specialised team who provide experienced Virtual Assistants for their clients on both a permanent and temporary basis. Our tailored approach enables us to get the exact skills and experience that you require in a VA with all the flexibility that you need.

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