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Oriel Partners specialises in placing senior level Executive Assistants roles in London, working across all industry sectors. Often collaborating exclusively with our clients, we form long lasting relationships with all of our Executive Assistant candidates to ensure we find the right role for them, focusing on skills, previous experience and culture fit. A lot of time is spent getting to know each candidate and client to ensure this matching process is completed as successfully as possible.


What does an EA role entail?

An EA role generally supports a Senior Executive in a business capacity. Our Executive Assistant candidates will have a number of years proven experience behind them and will be comfortable working at senior level.

How much does an Executive Assistant get paid?

As with all salaries, this will depend on the level of experience required and also can vary across different industry sectors. Our EA roles tend to start at about £40,000 pro rata and increase from here.

How to be promoted from a PA to an EA?

We usually suggest taking job titles with a pinch of salt as some companies use the term PA and others EA, for very similar roles. Instead we suggest you look at the duties and the level of the person the role is supporting, as this should give you a clearer picture of the seniority of the position. We love to help guide our candidates throughout their career, whether they are wanting advice on negotiating a pay rise or wish to discuss possible promotions, we are always here to help.

What are the day-to-day responsibilities of an Executive Assistant?

Every role is different, and the duties will depend on the needs of the person you are supporting. The typical duties which are part of all EA roles will include diary and inbox management, booking travel, scheduling meetings, managing expenses, correspondence and basic admin. On top of this could be working at Board level, taking minutes in meetings, managing junior admin staff, organising personal duties and assisting with the operations of the business. Depending on what part of the role you want to focus on, we can then find a role which matches your strengths.

Looking To Hire An Executive Assistant?

If you are Looking To Hire an Executive Assistant, Oriel Partners is the agency for you. Our Consultants have years of experience specialising in EA support and will work to your budget and timeline to introduce you to the best talent on the market. Please click here for more information.

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