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What is the average salary of a personal assistant?

The average salary of a PA can vary hugely and depends on several factors; the level of the person the role is supporting and the amount of previous experience required. Typically, the PA role starts at £28,000 which may be supporting a small team and can go up to £55,000 plus for a one on one PA role supporting at C-suite or Board level.

How to go from a personal assistant to an executive assistant?

Different companies call the PA / EA role different things, so try not to get too focused on a job title. Generally speaking, an EA role is more senior and involves supporting someone with a focus being on the business side rather then the personal side. However, some clients call Senior EAs, generic administrative professionals and it is the content of the role which will give you a better understanding of the level.

Do virtual assistants get paid the same as personal assistants?

We are seeing more and more virtual assistant requirements and generally the salaries are similar to personal assistants.

What is the interview process for a personal assistant?

Having the right chemistry fit with the person or people you are supporting is key to the success of any PA role, so it is important you get the opportunity to meet them as part of the interview process. Generally, first round of interview, depending on the size of the company, will be with HR or someone in Operations and then second / third round will be meeting more of the team and the individuals you will be working with. The more thorough the process, the more you can be sure it is the right role for you.

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Our Admin employment agency focuses on promoting candidates with transferable skills as well as those with industry-specific experience. Our clients range from global brands to small firms who require high calibre secretarial support.

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