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Crafting a compelling job description is vital for attracting top candidates to your organisation. We’ve created some useful job description templates. Please feel free to browse and use them.

Personal Assistant Job Description

A personal assistant is commonly the first point of contact for an executive-level individual. Their main purpose is to take on time-consuming administrative tasks that help the executive focus on core business functions. We have listed the duties, responsibilities, skills and benefits typically associated with a PA role here.

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What Makes A Great Job Description?

A Job Description that attracts the right candidate for your role is crucial so the more information you can provide, the better. When briefing any PA or admin candidate, we always discuss the vacancy in great depth and ensure we explain the duties, history of the role, company culture, personalities it supports as well as any benefits package. We spend a long time focusing on the right fit for you so we want the job description to also speak to a candidate and make them feel excited by the opportunity.

How to Write An Exciting Job Description

At the start of the job description, it is worthwhile including a company profile describing what you are looking for and giving an overview of the company and culture. You may also want to include a link to your 'About Us' page or any furhter personal information on the person or people the PA would be supporting. You could also include a headshot if appropriate. This will help to bring the role to life and allow the potential candidate to get a feel for the relevant personalities they could be working with. Please see below our job description templates for all of our roles. Feel free to make them your own.


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