The Benefits of Boutique Recruitment

The Benefits of Boutique Recruitment

Recruiting new staff can be a costly and time-consuming process and hiring top talent that is suited to the specific job and culture can be challenging. In a buoyant job market, where employers are competing with one another for the most skilled and experienced staff, this becomes even more difficult. Using a specialist boutique recruitment agency to identify and attract talent can relieve a huge amount of pressure and ensure your business is represented in the most positive light. Here, we outline the main benefits of hiring an agency and discuss how the right one could be the key to your business’s success.

A smooth settling-in period

A good boutique recruitment agency should request a meeting before they start the recruitment process with you and this is vital to ensure they understand the details of the role, can gauge the office culture and understand the requirements of the client. At Oriel Partners we would never work with a company without this initial briefing meeting as otherwise we cannot ensure our shortlist is targeting the very best candidates for that specific role, and every client is different with varying expectations. This is also a good opportunity for the consultants to answer questions and advise on salary expectations, the interview process, bonuses and anything else which may help to make the role and package more attractive to candidates. We also remind clients, the recruitment process is two ways and just as the client needs to be impressed with the candidate, the candidate also needs to be impressed with the client, and good candidates have choices!

Once the details of the role have been clarified, this allows the agency to be able to represent the client in the best light and shortlist only the most relevant candidates for the job. At Oriel Partners, our initial shortlist usually only consists of four candidates, so we really dig deep and cherry pick only our best options. Therefore the more information we have, the more confident we can be of who to send. We see ourselves as doing the first round of interview, so the process is already under way. If we are putting forward too many candidates, this seems to defeat the object of using a boutique recruitment agency in the first place!

Candidate exposure

Using a boutique recruitment agency allows you access to a wider range of higher-calibre candidates. Not only this, but also a recruitment agency has relationships with the most relevant job boards to ensure they are promoting your vacancy to the market in the best way possible. You want to ensure you are not missing anyone on the market! Not only job boards, but a boutique recruitment agency should also have close ties with relevant business schools or educational institutions which should produce candidates with the relevant skills for your role.

At Oriel Partners, we have relationships with the secretarial colleges that provide PA diplomas, producing candidates with all of the skills required to do a PA or administrative role. On top of this, a boutique recruitment agency not only has a wide range of active candidates available to them immediately, they also have a passive candidate base. This is candidates who may not actively be looking but could be open to hearing about a role, should it be perfect for them.

Candidates often come back to us again and again as their career progresses and they know we have a good understanding of their expectations and ‘fit’. We then get to know the candidates very well and become their go-to, not only for recruitment advice but also career advice acting as a partnership or mentor relationship. We love seeing candidates at the start of their career and then 10 years later when they are high flying EAs and you have been part of their journey. Candidates are more likely to listen to an agency they trust and so in a situation where there are multiple offers on the table, the agency can help them navigate the right path.

Save yourself valuable time

As mentioned above, a boutique recruitment agency acts almost like the first round of the interview process. The screening process is thorough and includes screening CVs, a telephone call followed by a face-to-face interview with a consultant. This usually includes competency-based questioning to ascertain exactly the level, volume and pace the candidate is used to handling. The boutique recruitment agency will also set up all of the interview stages, take feedback and communicate this to both parties, liaise with regards salary negotiations and then manage the candidates’ resignation process (and counter offers) and generally ensure the start process is as smooth as possible. The consultant should continue to remain a good point of contact for both client and candidate as the probation period progresses to ensure any issues are resolved as smoothly as possible. All of the above is a very time-consuming process and having a representative who is able to manage this on your behalf, will not only ensure you end up with the candidate you want, but also the process is managed as easily and as quickly as possible.

Gain valuable market knowledge

Boutique recruitment agencies spend all day, every day, working to provide staffing solutions for organisations across a range of industry sectors. As such, they have significant expertise and jobs market insight that employers can tap into as they plan their recruitment strategy. Recruitment consultants understand employer needs, candidate expectations and the impacts of supply and demand on the jobs market as a whole. This means they are ideally situated to help employers make educated decisions, which has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Achieve temporary or short-term solutions

A boutique recruitment agency tends to provide temporary candidate as well as permanent hires. At Oriel Partners, we pride ourselves on ensuring the calibre of temporary candidates is the same as our permanent placements and as such the search is equally as detailed. We wouldn’t just send anyone as it is a short-term booking, Instead, we are aware that interim cover needs to be equally able to perform the role to a high standard (with minimal training) and be the right culture fit.

Peace of mind and less risk

A good boutique recruitment agency offers a realistic refund or rebate period to ensure you are protected should the chosen candidate not work out. At Oriel Partners, our reputation is everything. It’s vital to our success and subsequently creating a long-term relationship with our client where they trust us, is key. People can be unpredictable and there is nothing nicer than having an agency that can help you navigate the challenging journey of recruitment!

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Posted in Hiring on Jul 31, 2019


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