The Best Calendar Apps For Businesses

The Best Calendar Apps For Businesses

We all know how difficult it can be to keep all your colleagues on the same page, especially when your organisation is growing. Calendars are crucial for scheduling important meetings, events and not accidentally double-booking! With having multiple calendars at once, personal, business, etc., it's crucial you start using a calendar app.

Read our list of the best calendar apps for business and relieve yourself some stress by letting these intelligent apps do the hard work for you.


Calendar is an extremely innovative app. The founders of the company have created a handful of other useful business apps, and extra tools also integrate with the Calendly app for more productivity. With the use of AI, Calendly is an app that makes it possible for everyone to make smarter decisions when it comes to utilising their time. Also, with the added benefit of machine learning, your calendar will become more adaptable and smarter each day.

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Asana is one of the easiest applications out there for teams to organise projects and execute them all in a shared team calendar. You can see all your team's work in one calendar, meaning deadlines will always be hit on time, and tasks you have been assigned can be filtered and sorted by the due date so you know you’re always up to date with your work. Asana is also completely integrated with Google Calendars, Outlook, and more, making it extremely functional.

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Calendly is a fully automated scheduling app, connecting up to six personal and business calendars to sync up with your real-time availability. Eliminate accidentally double booking with streamlined scheduling that reviews all of your calendars and only shows your available appointment times.

Calendly integrates automatically with Outlook, Google, Microsoft Office and ICloud, automating everything right from the beginning. Remove all stress from having to cross-check all of your calendars and double-booking meetings, as Calendly integrates with various major video conferencing platforms, like Zoom, and will create all of the meeting details automatically and put them straight into your calendars.

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With over three million users in over 150 countries, Teamup Calendar is a group calendar app to be reckoned with. While still providing many of the scheduling services mentioned in the applications above, the difference from other major calendar management applications is Teamup Calendar is a solely cloud-based calendar app, not integrated with any other calendars. However, this is a good thing; with seamless group access and using the latest infrastructure like AWS Cloud you can be sure that your group calendar is reliable and secure.

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Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar is an online based business calendar that makes scheduling as easy as possible for you. From using it to keep on top of your schedule, you can also share calendars with your team members to make sure everyone is on the same page. The main advantage to Zoho Calendar is definitely their shareable calendars feature, easily allowing you to manage and organise your team events.

Furthermore, you can categorise events even better by putting them into multiple calendars, personal or business, with their feature, Smart Add. You will always be in the know of when your team members are available, and if they are you can even set up reminders. Share your calendars with your team and make public or group calendars for everyone to collaborate with and put them online for everyone in your team to see, or create private calendars for smaller groups in your team.

With Resource Booking, you can easily find meeting rooms and save yourself the hassle of all the organisation. Simply add the list of conference rooms available to their nifty tool Resource Booking to always be in the know! Zoho Calendar is the perfect calendar for business when it comes to this. With all the availability in Resource Booking, your team can easily schedule events and book conference/meeting rooms and send out invitations, all from the Zoho Calendar app.

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With Morgen, you can manage all your calendars, to-dos, time blocking, and scheduling from one universal platform. By integrating all your calendars and tasks in Morgen, you'll have a complete view of your time and priorities, so you can focus on what matters. No more flipping between calendars, apps, and tabs.

Morgen is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, and integrates with almost every calendar on the market.

Morgen logo - calendar app

Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 has everything you need in a calendar app: transparent design, easiness in use and plenty of tools for planning.

Plan your synced or local events and tasks, add holidays and organize birthdays. All of this with excellent overview in dedicated views and widgets, which you personalize with a variety of settings.

Easily enter and search calendar information and manage your schedule with functions such as drag&drop, multi-selection, voice input and more… The customizable reminders and your WearOS companion will keep you on track.

No matter, whether a heavy user or not, you tailor BC for you.

Business Calendar logo


If you're looking for a way to stay organised at work, a calendar app can be a great tool. They allow you to easily see your upcoming appointments and events, which can help you stay on top of your schedule. Additionally, many calendar apps allow you to share your calendar with others, which can be helpful for coordinating meetings or appointments.

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