Best Employee Scheduling Software

Best Employee Scheduling Software

It can be challenging to coordinate and organise employee schedules. It can also be time consuming and a bit of a hassle. Employee scheduling software tools aim to take the pressure and hassle out of scheduling while ensuring your team stays organised and works efficiently, leading to increased productivity and maximising profits in the workplace. Here are some of the best softwares to try:


Paycor Scheduling is a service for HR professionals to customise their schedules, manage budgets and improve communication. It is online scheduling software that helps leaders to create, manage and communicate with employees about their schedules and enables employees to view, manage and receive schedule updates. Paycor Scheduling also provides HR professionals with the ability to approve staffing changes and categorise job-based qualifications and match them to appropriate departments to increase productivity and maximise budgets.



Homebase is an employee scheduling software that helps you to optimize your team schedule and ensure that everyone in your team is on the same page. You can do this through the monthly schedule maker that sends calendar reminders to workers about their work schedule and email reminders about upcoming shifts. Homebase software also provides insights into labour costs by totalling hours and overtime and subtracting break times. You can also input sales data and ensure the budget targets are met enabling you to stay on track.



Deputy is the UK’s leading employee rota software that allows you to schedule the right staff, at the right times. You can fill shifts by looking at employee availability, training and costs and send their schedules to your team members via desktop or mobile. You can easily find replacements for staff absences without a phone call or text or allow team members to simply swap shifts. Deputy also provides insights into wage cost comparisons to sales that give you opportunities to improve labour cost percentages. You can sync employees to the software and it can be linked to other services, ensuring everything is up to date.



Clockify allows you to schedule employees and projects, visualise shifts and projects, and let team members track their time so that they can see how long they have spent on each project. It is considered the most popular free time tracker and timesheet app and is uniquely available to an unlimited number of users for free. It is used by individuals including freelancers, small businesses and agencies to big institutions like governments, universities and Fortune 500 companies. It works on a browser, but you also have an option to install it on the computer or smartphone for extra convenience.


When I Work

When I Work can save you up to 15 hours a week of scheduling, is easily adaptable to teams of various sizes and can be used across multiple locations making employee scheduling easy. You can plan, fill, cover and match shifts with the right employees quickly and automatically and ensure that shifts match qualifications and availability with business needs for maximum cost-effectiveness. You can prevent overtime from occurring with alerts, thresholds and limits and ensure all shifts are covered. It enables you to empower your employees and make your workplace more profitable and efficient.



Bizimply was founded in 2014, it started out with a simple idea, a small team, and lots of ambition. Bizimply software combines all the day-to-day management requirements into one easy-to-use software. Frontline managers in charge of shift-based businesses are able to gain full control over their Staff Scheduling, Payroll, Time and Attendance, HR and many more processes all in one centralised system. Bizimply gives managers full visibility over operational metrics such as sales per labour hour and enables 100% compliance with labour laws. Bizimply also provides more power to managers, giving the opportunity to focus more time on their team to make every shift run like clockwork!



Calamari is an HR management software that allows electronic absence management and attendance tracking online for companies of all sizes. It allows tracking working time using various methods like QR codes and iBeacon technology. Calamari is available in 5 languages and it's in line with the absence policy of most countries in the world. This HR management software is integrated with the most popular office products like: Slack, Jira, Google Workspace, MS Teams or Basecamp. It also allows the API integration to make the app even more suitable to the clients' needs.


In Summary

There are various employee scheduling options to suit your or your organisation's needs. Whether you want to coordinate with large teams, match shifts to employees, allow employees to know their schedules and manage their time or use it as a timesheet, there is something for everyone.

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