Which Industries Are Most Flexible For Remote Work? (Infographic)

Which Industries Are Most Flexible For Remote Work? (Infographic)

Since the Government enforced lockdown across the UK in March, there has been a need for nearly all staff to adapt to remote working where possible. With many employees already in a permanent work from home setup, we have explored the rise in remote working numbers for each industry post lockdown announcement. Using ONS survey data taken the week before lockdown, we’ve found that the number of people working from home rose from 1.7 million to 4 million. The Information and Communication sector have 14.8% of employees mainly working from home. This is the highest percentage of flexible staff across all working industries, January to December 2019 figures show. For the PA industry, just 5.6% of those in the sector of Admin and Support Services work from home permanently. This figure doubled in the week before lockdown!

Other findings show:

  • Occupations requiring higher qualifications and levels of experience are more likely to provide home working opportunities
  • Younger workers (under 30) are the least likely to be working from home
  • Higher-skilled occupations are more likely to work from home than lower-skilled workers
  • People who live in the South East are the most likely to work from home, ahead of those who live in London or the South West
  • Men are twice as likely to work either in the same grounds or buildings as their home or with home as a base

We’ve concluded findings into a visual to represent key points for age, gender, location, and job title of employees across the UK. See how different regions and industries compare to your demographic working figures below.

Flexible Industries for Remote workers infographic

Posted in Company News, Hiring on Jun 23, 2020


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