How to find the best PA Recruitment Agency for Your Business

How to find the best PA Recruitment Agency for Your Business

It goes without saying that throughout London and the rest of the UK, the market is filled with recruitment agencies, including both general agencies and specialist PA recruitment agencies such as ourselves.

With that in mind, in this article, we’re going to explore how to find the very best PA recruitment agency for your business.

Decide whether you need a general or specialist PA recruitment agency

The very first step you must take is deciding between what kind of agency you want to help fill your roles.

High street recruitment agencies are often very good at searching for positions across a wide range of industries, but this often means that they do not specialise in one particular role or niche.

A specialist PA recruitment agency, however, with years of knowledge and industry experience, will be far more adept at searching for the ideal candidate.

Ensure that you are hiring a PA recruitment agency for the right reasons

Once that you have decided that you need to hire a specialist PA recruitment agency, you need to ensure that hiring one will work out for your business.

When considering this particular aspect, you should ask the following questions:

  • Will a PA recruitment agency save time?
  • Will a PA recruitment agency improve the quality of hire?
  • Will a PA recruitment agency offer additional security for new hire retention?

If the answer is yes on all three of those questions, then it is time to search for a PA recruitment agency.

Do you need a national or a local PA recruitment agency?

Depending on the size of your business, you might need an agency that can cover roles nationally as well as locally.

On the other hand, many PA recruitment agencies in London, for example, offer a deep understanding of the nature and dynamics of local industries and niches.

If you are merely looking to fill PA roles in one location, such as London, it might be advantageous to search for a PA recruitment agency that specialises in your area.

Check the levels of expertise offered by the agency

Once that you have lined up a selection of specialist recruitment agencies, it is best to compare and contrast the level of expertise offered.

You can do this by paying special attention to each company’s guarantee period and terms. Another way is by checking the testimonials on their websites and inspecting what kind of clients have left them.

Furthermore, it is always best to see whether the client is a part of a recruitment body that will check and inspect their work to ensure that they are adhering to industry best practices and standards.

Finally, if you really want to, the social media presence across platforms is another way of checking the feel of the agency and whether it adheres to your personal values and standards.

If you want to know about how Oriel Partners could help your PA recruitment needs, call us on 0207 101 9229, or check out our contact page.

Posted in Hiring on Apr 14, 2020


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