What Does A Private Personal Assistant Do?

What Does A Private Personal Assistant Do?

Typically, a private personal assistant is a person that helps an individual to either manage a private household or manage personal-related tasks. Every personal assistant job description contains specific duties that a private personal assistant should undertake. This article sheds light on how private personal assistants are different from business administrators, what skills they need to possess and the range of common daily tasks they usually perform.

What is A Private Personal Assistant?

When it comes to the job of a private personal assistant, it can sometimes be associated with business administration and office management. However, the range of daily tasks performed by a personal assistant for private individuals is often wider-reaching.

If, for example, it is a household personal assistant job, the candidate may need to work on housekeeping along with paperwork and bookkeeping. The daily tasks of a personal assistant may vary, though the concept of the job remains the same - to handle the tasks delegated by other people.

Taking care of other people’s assignments is a highly responsible role, so a private personal assistant needs to be someone that can be relied upon. Busy people need to be able to entrust their tasks to a competent individual. And private personal assistants are often privy to highly confidential information, so they need to be discreet and uphold their employer’s reputation.

What Does a Private Personal Assistant Do?

The range of tasks associated with the private personal assistant job may vary from responding to telephone calls to taking care of laundry. Also, the same goes for the working hours - those might range from 2-3 hours a day to irregular schedules, especially when it comes to assisting extremely busy people. When applying for a private PA job, you should pay particular attention to the job description, including the duties and qualifications required, as those might differ from one place to another.

The list of tasks for personal assistants usually consists but are not limited to: scheduling meetings managing personal documentation answering emails and phone calls event organisation preparing reports making travel arrangements running the household running personal errands

What Skills & Qualifications Do You Need to Be A Private PA?

As in any profession, the PA role description and job title give a brief representation of what type of skills and qualifications are expected from the candidate. Below you will find the common skills, experience and qualifications usually expected for a private personal assistant role.


Knowing basic bookkeeping, task scheduling, and paperwork management is key to handling an executive’s tasks. While there is no specific degree needed to show this skill, a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or modern language can place you at an advantage.

Problem-solving experience

The daily scope of duties requires a private personal assistant to resolve tasks delegated by the individual. Those might be related to household or business administration, so a personal assistant should always be able to make the right decisions when needed, acting intelligently and with initiative.

Computer literacy

Digitalisation has become a part of our everyday lives. Many tasks are already registered and handled with the help of computers, so a personal assistant should be highly computer literate. Knowing how to work with office software and use online tools that create efficiencies is an absolute must.


Individuals aim to delegate many tasks to their personal assistants, so multitasking is a highly desired skill. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to coordinate tasks, prioritise and complete them on time.


Whether an individual searches for a personal assistant or works with an agency to find the right person, candidates must have excellent time-management skills. Working with highly influential people and business executives means that everything must be appropriately planned, executed professionally and delivered on time.


Another important skill that is highly desired for a private personal assistant is the ability to communicate well with businesspeople and their partners. A personal assistant is usually in charge of answering phone calls and managing stakeholder relationships, so good communication skills are necessary.


Whether a private PA is joining a business or a household, organisational skills are a must. A PA is often in charge of personal and office management tasks, so knowing how to spin many plates without getting overwhelmed is essential.

Attention to detail

As personal assistants usually do administrative work, including answering phone calls, bookkeeping, arranging events, and even household management, they need to pay attention to every detail and let nothing slide. Even a minor mistake can negatively affect the individual’s schedule they are working for.

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Posted on Apr 07, 2022


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