Research into hybrid working shows more job opportunities and higher productivity

Research into hybrid working shows more job opportunities and higher productivity

We have looked into hybrid working and the top industries that operate a flexible working environment. By analysing job vacancies posted on LinkedIn, we have pulled the data to show how many roles are on-site, remote or hybrid.

We also conducted a YouGov survey to support this research and asked 1,000 respondents whether they prefer working on-site, remotely, or would like to have a hybrid working approach. Additionally, we questioned where the respondents felt they were more productive when working. The findings are below…

The pandemic saw many companies shift and adapt to remote working in order to stay in operation. Post-pandemic, we’ve seen many businesses across all industries encourage employees back into offices for on-site roles to resume. Though this hasn’t been the case for all industries and roles.

We’ve taken a look at the industries that are currently offering the highest number of hybrid working roles, allowing employees to fully utilise the flexible benefits of remote working and on-site working where needed.

Our analysis of 896,279 jobs on LinkedIn saw that 57,609 (15%) were listed as hybrid roles, three times the amount of remote roles advertised.

The industries offering the most flexibility with a hybrid working approach are Information Technology and Services, Financial Services, Computer Software, Marketing & Advertising and Construction.

The full table of industries and number of hybrid roles advertised is below:

Industry Number of UK roles advertised on Linkedin as ‘hybrid-working’ (June 2022)
Information Technology and Services 9,800
Financial Services 6,533
Computer Software 4,860
Marketing & Advertising 4,027
Construction 2,638
Civil Engineering 2,594
Management Consulting 2,123
Retail 2,065
Internet 2,037
Banking 1,467
Design 1,446
Insurance 1,416
Accounting 1,403
Law Practice 1,215
Renewables & Environment 1,204
Oil & Energy 1,166
Legal Services 1,085
Consumer Goods 1,058
Telecommunications 1,036
Information Services 992
Utilities 979
Online Media 951
Food & Beverages 902
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering 865
Pharmaceuticals 835
Apparel & Fashion 807
Investment Management 800
Leisure, Travel & Tourism 798
Real Estate 773
Defense & Space 756
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing 722
Hospital & Health Care 715
Public Relations and Communications 703
Government Administration 674
Computer & Network Security 668
Automotive 665
Broadcast Media 665
Publishing 648
Investment Banking 642
Human Resources 607
Logistics & Supply Chain 589
Entertainment 583
Research 556
Medical Devices 554
Media Production 554
Aviation & Aerospace 526
Market Research 508
Biotechnology 470
Architecture & Planning 467
Hospitality 466
Events Services 464
Gambling & Casinos 454
Higher Education 451
Health, Welness & Fitness 442
Capital Markets 417
Food Production 369
Transportation/Trucking/Railroad 366
Education Management 358
Venture Capital & Private Equity 355
Computer Games 351
Commercial Real Estate 344
Consumer Services 317
Sports 316
Environmental Services 302
Airlines/Aviation 292
Luxury Goods & Jewelry 277
Consumer Electronics 250
Civic & Social Organization 234
Program Development 227
Cosmetics 226
Facilities Services 223
Computer Hardware 214
Professional Training & Coaching 209
Computer Networking 189
E-Learning 176
Chemicals 168
Building Materials 151
Semiconductors 138
Graphic Design 127
Industrial Automation 124
Translation & Localization 118
International Trade and Development 113
Government Relations 102
Music 94
Maritime 93
Mental Health Care 89
Wholesale 86
Packaging and Containers 86
Public Policy 82
Veterinary 79
Animation 70
Farming 68
Restaurants 66
Museums and Institutions 63
Fund-Raising 62
Supermarkets 60
Outsourcing/Offshoring 59
Printing 55
Public Safety 55
Machinery 55
Primary/Secondary Education 54
Furniture 54
Individual & Family Services 54
Mining & Metals 50
Performing Arts 47
Sporting Goods 46
Import and Export 42
Law Enforcement 42
Medical Practice 40
Philanthropy 35
Alternative Dispute Resolution 33
Nanotechnology 33
Railroad Manufacture 31
Fishery 31
Fine Art 30
Plastics 29
Wireless 27
Think Tanks 27
Executive Office 23
Package/Freight Delivery 22
Textiles 20
Warehousing 19
Religious Institutions 18
Glass, Ceramics & Concrete 17
International Affairs 15
Photography 14
Military 14
Dairy 14
Alternative Medicine 12
Political Organization 12
Libraries 12
Legislative Office 9
Mobile Games 9
Tobacco 7
Paper & Forest Products 7
Judiciary 2
Shipbuilding 1

According to our YouGov survey of 1,000 people, when asked about the type of work environment that is preferred, more than half of respondents (54%) said hybrid.

47% of respondents said that they are more productive when working at home, 43% feel they are more productive in the office. When operating a hybrid work environment, it’s important to cater to employees' needs for productivity levels and workplace retention.

“The secretarial market is like we’ve never seen before! Salaries have rocketed due to demand and the hybrid working model has never been more important to attract the best talent. Around 90% of Oriel Partner’s candidates are looking for some kind of remote working.” - Auria Heanley, Director of Oriel Partners.

You can browse our job board for current opportunities to find the role that’s right for you!

Posted in Company News, Hiring on Jul 11, 2022


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