What to Expect From a PA Recruitment Agency in London

What to Expect From a PA Recruitment Agency in London

At Oriel Partners, we are dedicated to helping local businesses in London find the perfect candidates for their positions.

With over 30 years’ experience within the industry, we’re one of the most respected and knowledgable PA recruitment agencies in London.

With that in mind, here’s what you should expect from working with an experienced London PA recruitment agency such as ourselves.

Expect local knowledge and great connections

Working with a local PA recruitment agency means that they will have the best and most engrained connections in the industry.

From knowing where to source the most appropriate candidates, through to making the best possible connections, local PA recruitment agencies will have the best insight into the industry to ensure that you get only the best service.

Expect superior market knowledge

When you work with a specialist PA recruitment agency in London, you should expect them to have not only up-to-date knowledge about the daily goings-on in the industry, but also a little bit of insider information too.

As general agencies deal with a wide range of industries and roles, it means that they often find it hard to keep their finger on the pulse.

When you’re working with a local niche agency such as ourselves, you should expect to be guided throughout the recruitment process with utmost insight and integrity.

Expect a close and long-term relationship

Many local PA agencies work with their clients for years; forming long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

The great benefit of this is that a local and long-term PA recruitment agency will be able to represent your company in a professional and accurate way throughout the entire recruitment process.

Brand knowledge isn’t just for customers and consumers, as recruiters also use this to ensure the most suitable personalities are introduced to clients.

Expect to save time

One of the greatest possible advantages of working with a local PA recruitment agency is that you will have the right kind of expertise that can help you save the most amount of time.

With second-to-none expertise and experience at hand, PA recruitment agencies such as ourselves can help to supercharge the recruitment process to help you get the best candidates as quickly as possible.

Expect to say goodbye to risk

When you partner with a London PA recruitment agency such as ourselves, you should be able to say goodbye to risk and hello to comfort in the knowledge that you are working with an experienced, reliable, and dedicated recruitment company.

With specialist consultants working with your business, you should find yourself being able to dedicate yourself to other areas of the company without worrying about recruitment needs.

Whether you’re searching for a temporary, contract or a permanent candidate, your recruitment company should offer you everything that you need and do so in an efficient, discreet and tailored manner.

If you’d like to know more about what to expect from Oriel Partners, or any other area of recruitment, check out our about page, or get in touch today.

Posted in Hiring on Apr 06, 2020


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