Meet the Directors at Oriel Partners

Meet the Directors at Oriel Partners

Oriel Partners was co-founded in 2018 by Auria Heanley and Olivia Coughtrie, these two women share different backgrounds and are both at different stages in their life, yet the two of them have a common goal; to do recruitment differently. Olivia and Auria have worked in the secretarial recruitment market for over 30 years combined, and so when they joined forces they had a vast amount of combined and individual experience behind them, having previously worked together in a different firm, they found out they share a connection and a mutual understanding on how believe is best to create an ethical and successful recruitment agency, not simply for clients and candidates but for their employees also. In 2018, they turned their dream into a reality and Oriel Partners is now thriving and constantly growing with an excellent reputation and a very high success rate.

Auria and Olivia have built their business on three core values they strongly believe in; Kind, Honest and Fun. These values are essential to the service they provide to both clients and candidates and also for the working environment created in the office for staff members. We asked Auria and Olivia what they enjoy most about having Oriel Partners. “Setting up a business from scratch has been an amazing experience, challenging but so rewarding and we have loved being able to make a difference and have such an impact on what we do. It is also so wonderful to create a culture we are proud of where employees can work in a supported and entrepreneurial working environment. Sales can have a reputation of being a cut throat and aggressive environment with cold calling at the centre of it, but that could not be more different to how we work, where we work in partnership with our clients, often exclusively and build relationships with our candidates which last for the entirety of their career. So much of our new business is recommended to us, word of mouth is a powerful tool and we are so proud of the network we have created.”

Auria and Olivia Are Passionate About PA Recruitment

Auria completed a Pitman secretarial course before becoming a PA in Oxford which helped her gain experience alongside an in depth understanding of the role, the benefits of having good administrative support alongside the challenging aspects this requires. She started her recruitment career in London in 2000, working on both temporary and permanent desks. She is experienced and committed to building successful teams having managed the Canary Wharf office of a leading, national secretarial agency and she has worked in both the secretarial and HR sector previously.  When she is not working hard, Auria spends her time living in Richmond during the week and at the coast over the weekends. She enjoys riding her horse and sailing, giving her a true sense of adventure when not in the office.

On to Olivia. She Began her recruitment career soon after graduating in 2008. Olivia was previously an Associate Director at a boutique, West End secretarial agency where she worked for almost 7 years spending her time focused on senior level briefs across all industry sectors. Olivia managed the permanent team and was an invaluable asset in the expansion of the business. She likes to go for the direct and honest approach. Olivia lives with her husband in tooting, she likes to keep fit by going to Barry’s Bootcamp. She doesn’t forget growing up in Dorset though as she will try and go whenever she can at weekends.

Auria and Olivia make a spectacular team, working with some incredible companies, often on an exclusive basis giving their candidates access to some unique and highly desirable opportunities. Oriel Partners is not specific to any one industry, we work with clients across all sectors in London, both corporate and creative firms, in a business and personal capacity. Our clients usually range from global multinationals to small boutique firms, both of which are greeted with the same personal service and high calibre support we provide.

Posted in Company News on Feb 11, 2020


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