11 Career Progression Opportunities for an Office Manager

11 Career Progression Opportunities for an Office Manager

Office managers are the core of any business. Not only do they ensure that an office runs smoothly, but they also wear different hats to enhance efficacy, motivation, and productivity. Without a great office manager, a workplace is likely to be in disarray. Naturally, when it comes to office manager career progression, there are multiple opportunities available. Whether you’re searching for an office manager position with extended responsibilities or are looking to further your career, here are 11 office management career opportunities to contemplate.

Professional Development Goals for Office Managers

There are several ways to implement performance goals for office managers. From learning new skills to aiding professional development with qualifications, if you want to develop professionally, consider adding these professional development goals for office managers to your career development plan.

1. Gain an Office Management Qualification

Gaining a professional office management qualification looks great on any CV. Plus, it helps to develop your knowledge and skills. There are several ways to gain an office management qualification, including on-site learning, distance learning and in-house training. Qualifications can be expensive if self-funded, though there are websites that offer low-cost training courses, such as Udemy and LinkedIn.

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2. Receive Outstanding Feedback in Your Performance Review

Achieving a glowing performance review helps you to know that you’re on the right track. Additionally, it gives you confidence in your skills. Receiving outstanding feedback is likely to require hard work and dedication to your job. To impress your employers, try saying yes to every type of work that comes your way, head to the office early to get a head start on your duties, and contemplate building and implementing systems that make the workplace more efficient.

3. Be Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence involves understanding emotions within yourself and others. As an office management role requires excellent people skills, being empathetic and able to connect with others on a deeper level boosts your management skills. Furthermore, you’re able to conduct your job role more effectively.

4. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Going outside your comfort zone is highly effective in growing yourself as a person and employee. You can easily go beyond your limits by completing brain teasers to improve your analytical skills or participating in team water sports to enhance your team-building skills. Inside the office, try seeking out potentially challenging tasks or help to resolve complex staff conflicts. These tasks can be overwhelming at first, but you can easily implement your performance development goals.

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5. Improve Skills in a Specific Area

Office managers are expected to have a wide variety of skills, including organisation, mathematical and communication skills. Developing your skills in a specific area, such as time management or leadership is an effective way to develop professionally. Your overall duties will vary according to the size of your company. However, consider where you can improve or if there is a specific area where you can enhance your skills. For example, developing your management skills could provide you with more career opportunities in the future.

6. Identify a Stretch Project to Grow your Skillset

A stretch project that goes beyond your current skill set can help you to grow your skills. While these types of projects are often challenging, they’re a great opportunity for helping you to achieve your personal development goals. Stretch projects can be short-term or long-term. However, different types of projects will help to develop different skills. It’s a good idea to consider what skills you want to grow and then find a project to fit that.

7. Strengthen Important Relationships with Key Stakeholders

Having great relationships with key stakeholders, such as suppliers and senior management, helps to make you an important asset within the company. You can gain information on the business, ask for feedback, and prove to them that you take your job seriously. This in itself can help you to develop and progress your chosen career path.

Office Management Career Opportunities

What office management career opportunities are available for those working as office managers? Here, you’ll find a range of potential opportunities and responsibilities to consider.

8. Manage a Team

Managing a team of people, such as reception staff, health and safety colleagues or administrative staff, is a great fit for your leadership skills. Being a business leader naturally fits your wide range of abilities, especially as you’re used to making decisions, communicating with others and providing attention to detail on a daily basis. If this is a role you’re considering, it’s essential to remain vocal while in your office as this is going to gain the attention of those higher up.

9. Take on Additional Responsibilities

Saying yes to anything that comes your way is highly effective for career growth. Whether it’s training staff on Health & Safety, managing internal projects, organising or delivering company events, or completing human resources tasks, extra responsibilities can bring great rewards.

10. Specialise in One Aspect of Office Management

Understanding what parts of your job you most enjoy can help you to decide which path your career takes. You may prefer implementing new IT systems, project management, supplier management, customer services or something else. If you find yourself connecting with one area, do everything to learn as much as you can.

11. Use The Right Tools & Become Proficient in Them

Being organised within the workplace means understanding the best tools to use and becoming proficient in them. These days, automation is a fundamental aspect of many businesses, so knowing the best digital tools and platforms to use can offer an abundance of career opportunities. From becoming proficient in Google and Microsoft 365 to knowing the ins and outs of accounting software, using a variety of tools can provide enhanced responsibilities.

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