Top 7 Office Manager Skills To Look For When Hiring

Top 7 Office Manager Skills To Look For When Hiring

A great office manager ensures the whole office runs smoothly. Office managers take responsibility for various tasks, from administrative support and human resources to project management and analytical tasks.

The best office managers are equipped with a whole host of different skills, which allow them to carry out their role efficiently - no matter what the day throws at them. In this article, we’ll discuss the role of the office manager in more detail before giving you a glimpse into some of the key skills that make a brilliant office manager.

What does an Office Manager do?

Office managers typically take on a wide range of responsibilities within an organisation. Usually, the smaller the office, the more an office manager will be responsible for. Take a look at some of the primary responsibilities of an office manager below.

Oversee the day-to-day running of the office

Anything that comes under the day-to-day running of the office is typically the responsibility of the office manager. This includes scheduling meetings, ensuring teams have access to the office building, checking if there is enough tea and coffee in the kitchen and that office equipment and supplies are maintained.

Manage budgets

Some office managers look after budgets, particularly the main budget of the office itself. The office manager will also cover certain invoicing processes and expenses too.

Administrative support

Office managers provide administrative support to anyone in the office who needs it. They will often arrange meetings, events and conferences, book meeting spaces and venues, order catering and plan appointments for senior staff.

Look after office supplies

Office supplies fall under the remit of the office manager. Office managers will ensure everyone has what they need to carry out their role, whether that means booking an urgent repair for the printer or ordering more paper clips.

Health and Safety

Health and safety documentation, fire regulations and some insurance processes tend to be the responsibility of the office manager, as does organising fire drills and checking they’re carried out correctly.

Assist HR

Human resources will often enlist an office manager's help in planning appraisals, interviews and other meetings.

Report to senior management

Office managers look after any reporting requested by the senior management team. This could be anything from information gathering within the workforce to managing data needed for future strategy planning sessions.

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Office Manager Key Skills: Top Office Manager Skills and Abilities

Office managers are highly skilled team members. One of the greatest strengths of a good office manager is their ability to bring together a range of complementary skills, enabling them to work right across an organisation as they carry out vastly different tasks during their working day. Some of their skills include:

Communication Skills

Office managers must be able to communicate effectively with every person in a business. Office managers will often work across different departments and can work with everyone, from the most junior members of a team to the CEO. Strong communication skills are therefore essential to succeed in this role.

Administrative Skills

One of the key responsibilities of any office manager is administration. Office managers must be brilliantly organised and capable of spinning multiple plates at any one time. They should be experienced in using administrative software, apps and other programs, such as Microsoft Office, so they can hit the ground running from day one.

Management Skills

Office managers will often need to perform in a managerial role, particularly when it comes to helping with human resources or assisting in project management tasks. So, it always helps if an office manager has experience in management.

Analytical Skills

Often senior management teams will task office managers with some analytical tasks, such as reporting for future meetings and strategy planning sessions. A good office manager will have no trouble managing reports, compiling data and analysing their findings.

Problem Solving

Problems are always cropping up in offices, usually occurring when we least expect them. Typically, unforeseen issues will be up to the office manager to resolve. So, great problem-solving skills are a must - as is a calm head under pressure.

Leadership Skills

Office managers are part of the leadership team. All departments look to the office manager for support or guidance with various tasks, so leadership skills can help office managers fulfil their responsibilities easily.

Organisational Skills

It’s vital that office managers are organised. Without great organisational skills, office managers would quickly become overwhelmed by the scale of the tasks at hand. A good office manager will know how to prioritise tasks quickly and efficiently, so they can always stay on top of their workload.

What makes a good office manager?

A great office manager is organised, efficient and always calm under pressure. The best office managers tend to have the right personality type for the job, allowing them to outperform their peers no matter what they’re tasked with that day. Office managers bring outstanding communication skills, time management, problem-solving abilities and attention to detail to help any organisation reach its potential.

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