10 Top Skills to Look for In an HR Assistant

10 Top Skills to Look for In an HR Assistant

If you’re looking to hire an HR assistant for your business, it’s important to know what she or he can bring to your work environment. Should they be a good listener? Do they require competency in a range of broad skills?

If you’re about to go through an HR job interview process for a candidate, understanding the HR assistant skills they should offer will help you to hire the best person for your vacancy. Here, we reveal the top key skills for HR assistants, as well as summarising the role of an HR assistant.

What Is an HR Assistant?

An HR assistant is employed within a human resources department, helping to coordinate employee requirements of a business. The exact responsibilities will vary from company to company. However, an HR assistant will generally undertake duties relating to employee pay, disputes, recruitment, staffing levels, training and development of employees, onboarding of new staff, answering queries, and more. An assistant should be able to learn new HR skills quickly and efficiently. Check out our customisable HR assistant job description.

Top HR Assistant Skills and Competencies

What are the top HR assistant skills? Read on to find our HR assistant skills list.

1. Communication Skills

One of the main HR assistant key skills to possess is communication. Excellent communication skills are essential in any HR department as human resource management is the link between staff and the company. An HR employee will communicate with varying levels of authority figures within the business. That means they need to understand how to effectively communicate with managers and employees at all levels. Additionally, an HR assistant needs to be a people person, providing information to employees on all kinds of issues, including complaints and queries. Being able to communicate orally, digitally and via the written word is imperative.

2. Software Skills

An HR assistant should possess competency in a range of HR software and tools. It’s highly likely that your business uses software on a day to day basis, whether that’s scheduling software, company databases or office programs. Generally, HR will deal with documents, files, emails, training programs, and other digital-based files so it’s important that anyone working within HR is digitally proficient.

3. Teamwork

A great human resource skill to look for is teamwork. For example, if there has been conflict between employees within one department, an HR assistant may research team building activities to implement in order to enhance teamwork. Additionally, an assistant has to have great teamwork skills, being able to work with senior employees and those who are new to the business. They should be interested in people management and understanding the psychology of team dynamics.

4. Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is important to any type of business. Many common issues within the workplace include employee pay disputes, harassment problems, conflict between team members and health and safety matters. Many types of conflict can occur within an organisation and knowing how to deal with it is imperative. For an HR assistant, this could involve scheduling meetings between employees and managers, providing the correct information about legal procedures within the workplace or remaining impartial in order to listen to both sides of the case.

5. Research

Showcasing excellent research skills is an asset to a company, especially if you’re hiring for an HR position. An HR assistant may need to research varying matters, such as current UK legislation. For instance, you may ask them to discover regulations on diversity within the workplace to provide training to senior employees.

6. Proactivity

Being proactive can help your HR assistant recognise potential problems before they occur. Furthermore, an assistant should be aware of the latest news and trends within human resources, as well as any innovations in technology. Being open to further training and development can make a candidate shine in this area.

7. Advising

Advising company stakeholders is a duty that an HR assistant will be tasked with. Not only that, but they will also have to advise members of management on a variety of issues. This could range from helping a manager to write a staff email to advise on restructuring the business.

8. Recruitment

HR assistants are involved with the recruitment process, including reading CVs and selecting appropriate candidates for interviews. They should make sure a fair interview process exists, as well as ensuring candidate diversity. HR also has to deal with new employees so having key skills in administration is fundamental. Duties relating to this may involve giving new staff the correct contracts and verifying identification.

9. Analysing

Human resources work with data so assistants must be competent in analysing metrics to determine how they affect the business. Key HR metrics include recruitment, employee performance and retention. Many businesses are now incorporating data analysis to make better decisions so this may be something that you look for in an HR assistant.

10. Knowledge of Human Resources

Previous employment experience within a human resources department is advantageous for any candidate. Being able to understand and execute duties involving recruitment, administration and teamwork are the best competencies that someone applying for an HR assistant role can demonstrate.

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