How To Stay Motivated Working From Home (18 Simple Tips)

How To Stay Motivated Working From Home (18 Simple Tips)

Maintaining your work from home motivation is often a challenge, especially if you’re working remotely for the first time in your life. Whether you’re new to home working or not, knowing how to stay motivated while working at home can prevent those little distractions like your mobile and television from creeping into your day.

In this article, we’re sharing our top work from home motivation tips to keep your productivity levels high when performing your daily duties from your home office. Discover how to maintain motivation working from home and how to give your mental health a boost during lockdown restrictions. Here are 18 simple things to consider implementing.

1. Get dressed

One of the very best work from home motivation tips is to get dressed as though you’re leaving the house for the office. This will put you in the mindset to work successfully from home and leave you feeling ready to tackle your workload for the day ahead. Staying in pyjamas is always tempting, but you’ll be able to stay focused better when getting dressed in your work clothes.


2. Make a work environment at home

If you’re wondering how to stay motivated working from home, try to understand that creating a work environment within your home space will help to boost your motivation. It’s going to be challenging to stay motivated if you’re working in front of the television or at the kitchen table close to snacks and beverages. Making your own office space in a designated area will help you to focus during work hours and shut off any distractions.

3. Switch off from social media

Social media is an easy distraction. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you can spend hours on each app and before you know it, you’ve eaten into your work time. If you need to use social media for work purposes then do so. However, for personal social media time, stick to using these platforms during breaks. Better still, after work.

4. Get organised

Imagine waking up, having a massive workload and not knowing where to start? It would probably make you want to go back to bed, right? A lack of motivation often comes when you’re not organising your workload effectively. Stay motivated by separating your tasks into manageable micro-tasks. You can use a checklist to help you prioritise your workload during the day. Ticking off tasks as you go will work wonders for your productivity – you’ll feel positive that you’re achieving the activities you need to, and you’ll likely impress your employer too!


5. Work in small time blocks

Working in small time blocks helps to make extensive tasks seem more manageable. It also keeps your motivation high as you can complete tasks within a small time frame. You’ll be more accountable with your time and be less distracted due to tighter deadlines. Take regular, short breaks to punctuate your working day.

6. Interact with your colleagues

Working full-time hours at home can feel isolating, especially if you’re not used to working remotely. To counteract feelings of loneliness and stay motivated, check in with your colleagues during the day. You could schedule regular informal meetings or create a virtual hangout after working hours for some fun and relaxation. Either way, connecting with your colleagues will make you feel part of what’s going on within the business.


7. Take regular breaks

It can be tempting to work through your lunch when you’re working from home. However, taking regular breaks, including at least 30 minutes for lunch will keep your motivation levels high. Additionally, it will help you to create a healthy work/life balance so that you’re working traditional set hours rather than sporadically. Give yourself a short break in the morning and afternoon to get some fresh air. You’ll feel much more refreshed when you come back to your desk.

8. Give yourself rewards

Whether you’ve finished an important task or completed a long workday, find little ways to treat yourself to keep you motivated. This could range from grabbing your favourite coffee to having a long bath in the evening. Small rewards are an effective way to maintain good productivity levels.


9. Limit any distractions

The more risk of distractions, the more likely that you’re going to get distracted. If you have children, this may mean finding activities to keep them occupied while you’re working, moving your home office to a different part of the house, or establishing some ground rules - the same is true for potentially annoying housemates. Communication is the key to solving any issues surrounding your work so don’t be afraid to chat with people you live with to see if you can find an effective resolution.

10. Give yourself challenges

Challenging yourself with your workload can get you working faster. For example, you may try to see how many words you can write in half an hour. This can be a good way to see how you work under pressure, or if certain practices work better for you than others.

11. Wake up earlier

Waking up super early isn’t for everyone. However, the earlier you wake up, the more tasks you can complete before lunchtime. Furthermore, you’ll feel like you’re working from the office rather than from home. You may need to adapt your schedule to train yourself to get out of bed earlier, but you’ll likely feel more fulfilled when you do.


12. Avoid having your office in your bedroom

Working and sleeping in the same room can be stifling. Depending on your living situation, you may not have much choice as to where your home workstation is. However, having a designated workspace in another room will boost your motivation.

13. Stay active

Working and living under the same roof can make you feel sluggish, especially if you’re not getting much time to be active. Getting outside during your downtime will boost your mood and make working from home a little bit easier. Take a long walk, go for a run or purchase some home workout equipment. You could even arrange workouts with your colleagues via Zoom. Staying active will make you feel healthier and more inspired in both your work and home life.


14. Start a side project

If you’re feeling uninspired by your new work routine, why not try starting a little side project to keep you feeling motivated. When you work from home and have more control over your schedule, it can be tempting to spend your free time on the sofa. Having a side project you feel enthusiastic about can give you a new lease of life. Whether you want to start writing a book, take a course to develop your career or begin a new hobby, discovering a new interest can be the boost you need to keep your motivation levels high.

15. Declutter your home workstation

A messy workspace often equals a messy mind so decluttering your home office space can help boost your motivation. Throw away any unnecessary clutter, organise your desk drawers, put stationary back in its correct place, and digitalise any files. Your mental and physical health will thank you for it.

16. Adapt your schedule for when you work best

If you tend to feel tired in the mornings, save your work calls for the afternoon. This will help to clear your mind and your workload. Instead, work on important admin tasks in the morning and try to book any meetings that you need to attend for early or later afternoon. You’ll likely find that you’re more focused when you adapt your work to your mindset.


17. Experiment to see what works for you

When it comes to home working, one strategy doesn’t work for everyone. That means you may need to experiment and try different things to see what suits you best. If you feel more motivated in the evenings, then you may prefer to work later than usual. Alternatively, you may find that you’re more productive early in the morning. Do what works best for you and your lifestyle.

18. Practice self-care

You’ll never feel 100% motivated if you feel tired or fatigued. To perform at an optimal level, you need to eat a healthy, balanced diet, get enough rest every night, and practice lots of self-care. While your social needs may be a challenge right now, keeping your stress levels as low as possible is essential to boosting productivity. Self-care looks different to everyone so try to take a step back from your usual routine to see how you can look after yourself. You may find self-care consists of long walks, time out to read a good book, or boosting your fruit and vegetable intake. Whatever you do, just remember not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Key Takeaway

With our effective work from home motivation tips, you should start to see your productivity and motivation levels soar. Try to tick off as many of these tips as you can and remember, the key to staying motivated is to work in a way that best suits you.

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