Receptionist Job Description

This receptionist job description template outlines the core duties, responsibilities and benefits typical for a receptionist role.

When writing a job description for a receptionist, It’s important to include as much detail as possible to attract suitable candidates. A good job description will help a receptionist candidate understand the duties of the role, company ethos and personal skills and requirements expected, plus any benefits. The overall goal is to encourage receptionist candidates to feel excited about the opportunity and apply.

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Receptionist Job Description Sample

A receptionist’s position in an organisation is vital. As well as being the first point of contact for clients, their job is to provide exceptional customer service and assist in helping the business run smoothly. As well as welcoming employees and guests when they arrive or contact the company, receptionists may also take on administrative tasks such as arranging travel, scheduling meetings and managing email accounts.

Receptionist Duties & Responsibilities

Here are some common key responsibilities included in a receptionist job description:

Receptionist Skills & Requirements

Below is a list of qualifications and personality profile that a receptionist needs to have or aspire towards:

Receptionist Benefits

Here are some of the benefits a receptionist may expect when working with your company:

You can also include the softer benefits, such as team social events, flexible working hours, a fully stocked fridge, free uniform provided, annual pay review etc.

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