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We are experts in providing family office staff to London’s elite. This includes recruiting Chief of Staff, Lifestyle Manager, Private PA and Travelling Assistant positions. Our Private PA roles have ranged from supporting Royal Households, British Peers, High Net Worth individuals, Entrepreneurs, Political figures and High-Profile individuals where discretion, trust and providing a first-class service is paramount.

These roles often require the Private PA to travel with their bosses or being based away from London, whether that be other locations in the UK or globally. As with all of our Personal Assistant roles, the fit must be as closely matched as possible, to ensure a strong working relationship. As a Private PA tends to have access to all areas of their bosses’ lives, discretion and trust are essential and often an NDA is signed. The duties of a Private PA, differ from a PA providing business support, however, these roles vary from person to person depending on the support they require - every brief we work on is tailored specifically to the client.

As with all of the positions we work on at Oriel Partners, we arrange a meeting with the client themselves, or a representative to ascertain as much information as possible about the content of the role and the client’s expectations. This ensures we provide candidates with the skills set and experience to perform in the role. This initial meeting also allows us to gauge the right fit for the person or family in question, which is vital to ensuring there is a strong relationship with the Private PA.

Typical duties of a Private Personal Assistant are as follows: Diary management, which includes scheduling meetings, appointments and personal appearances. Booking global travel including flights, cars, transfers, visas and itineraries. Liaising with security teams, hiring and managing household staff. Managing a fleet of cars, jets, helicopters or boats. Buying, insuring and shipping art. Managing personal finances, planning events, researching holidays. Running personal errands and gift purchasing. Assisting with speech writing and research. Acting as a gatekeeper, liaising with PR, legal and accounting teams.

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PA Recruitment

We are very proud of the reputation we have created in the PA and administrative market and so much of our business comes to us via recommendation and word of mouth. Once we work with a client, we tend to partner with them and continue to assist with their recruitment needs year after year. This is ultimately down to the service we provide and the calibre of candidates we work with. All of our candidates undergo a rigorous screening process before being introduced to a client. This involves screening CVs, a telephone call followed by a face-to-face interview with an experienced consultant. Our central London location allows us to work quickly and we can get a shortlist to you within 24 hours. We will only ever send the Private PAs who we feel perfectly match the brief, both in terms of culture fit and experience, we see no value in sending people for the sake of it.

As well as our active database, we also have a wide-ranging network of passive candidates. These are candidates who may not actively be looking but could be open to hearing about a role, should it be perfect for them. Often with Private PA roles, this becomes a very successful way of sourcing the right talent, especially when a client is looking for something very specific.

We are very lucky at Oriel Partners to have a team of highly successful consultants who are specialised in PA recruitment. To date, our Founders have only hired a team who can bring with them not only previous recruitment experience, but also life and employment experience, who can advise both candidates and clients in an informed manner and can smoothly manage the recruitment process from start to finish. All our private and business clients have very busy lives, and the team at Oriel Partners are fully aware of this and ready to assist.

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